My Favourite Code Editors in 2016

This is always a big topic between people who code all day long. Which code editor is the best one out there? I decided to put up a list with my absolute favourites.

Best Code Editors in 2016

#1 – Atom

This code editor is great. It works on all platforms (Mac, Windows and Linux) and it´s completely free of charge. Isn´t that great?! It launched in 2008 by the big boys from Github. You should definitely  check it out!

#2 – Sublime Text

This editor is also free of charge, and works on all available platforms. It´s lightning fast and very easy to handle, you can shift between projects in no time! It´s perfect for the coder who´s used to handle many different projects at one time. Check it out!

#3 – Buffer Editor

Many of you out there have might not heard about this editor. It´s quite unique in its own kind and only works on iOS platforms. I love to use buffer whenever I´m traveling my buss or train. Always keep your coding projects with you in the mobile. Great huh?!

It does come with a price tho. But It´s very cheap, ~$4.