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DIY Wool Dryer Balls - So Easy Being Green

DIY Wool Dryer Balls – So Easy Being Green

December 24, 2017

With the blessing of long lives, you have come to realize lessening the number of chemicals used in your household may make for higher quality senior years. At the least, it will keep your children healthy and less toxic. Household chores remain repetitive, so chemicals can build up over time. A trend of finding natural ways to accomplish the same goal has appeared when cleaning clothes called wool dryer balls. You take organic wool balls and toss in the dryer.

Using Organic Wool Balls

Dryer sheets have become popular but when you take a closer look at the chemical list something bothers you. You buy some wool balls to pop into the dryer the next load. Your wool balls have no chemicals added. You can add drops of essential natural oils like lemon, cinnamon, or mint to the wool ball. Organic wool balls bounce around in between clothes separating the garments. The bouncing action removes wrinkles, makes clothes soft to touch, and has the bonus of saving a bit on your utility bill. Organic wool balls pull moisture from the garments, so the dryer does not run as long.

Other Benefits

An array of benefits happens when you trade dryer sheets for wool balls. Your household budget gets a bit of breathing room as well.

  • Wool balls have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
  • Wool balls inhibit mold and mildew growth alone but adding essential oils increases this trait
  • Wool balls last for years saving money and time
  • Wool balls reduce static cling
  • Wool balls remain eco-friendly and fire retardant


DIY Wool Dryer Balls - So Easy Being Green

Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls

Several ways exist to make wool dryer balls. If you believe in reduce, reuse, and recycle then go through your closet or look at a local second-hand clothing store for a wool sweater. Unravel the thread of it and wind into a ball that fits well into the palm of your hand. You will need four to six wool dryer balls for large loads of clothes.

Go to a local store that sells yarn or purchase online. Find yarn labeled 100% wool but does not have a label of “super-wash” or “machine washable”. You might consider choosing a colorful yarn, so the balls become easy to find among the clothes. Wrap the wool yarn to start with around two fingers. Pull off the fingers then wrap the bundle of yarn just made with the wool yarn cross-ways creating a bow-tie effect. After some rounds of yarn wrapping cross-ways, begin to wrap the yarn around in the diagonal directions over and over again until you have a small ball.

Most people prefer softball sized. To finish take a yarn needle or crochet hook and tuck the loose thread deep into the ball. Some people prefer to sew a stitch or two, so the ball will not unravel. Others string several balls together into animal shapes such as caterpillars, dogs, and cats. It’s your ball secure it any way you like. Now blissful non-toxic drying becomes the norm in your household.

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surprising facts for bed sheets

7 Shocking Facts About Bed Sheets Told By An Expert

August 12, 2017

Bed sheets when combined with pillow cases and bed coverings give an easy make over to our bedrooms. Bed sheets are a must use for most of us but we know very little about them. Here are seven shocking facts about bed sheets that I bet you don’t know.

1. Bed Sheets and Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads that are woven in a square inch of a fabric. Smoother and softer sheets have higher thread counts. The thread count also determines if the bed sheet is percale or muslin. Luxury quality bed sheets have a thread count of 300-400. High-quality bed sheets have a thread count of 250-300 and feel silky on touch. Sheets with a thread count of 140-180 are muslin while higher thread counts show that the bed sheet is a percale. When selecting sheets look for ones with 200 thread counts or more. If you choose to buy cotton-polyester bed sheets look for a thread count of 220 or higher. If you want higher quality bed sheets you will definitely pay more for them as they have higher thread counts and thus they need more threads that have to be finely spun to make them.

2. Quality Bed Sheets Anyone?

Although thread count is important, the quality of the bed sheet fabric is even more important. Linen is considered the finest bed sheet fabric. Such sheets last for years and are a good investment. However, the most comfortable and durable bed sheets are cotton made. Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton and it feels very soft and luxurious. It also highly durable. The reason it’s so highly rated is that the Egyptian cotton fiber is narrower and longer meaning weavers can weave 1,000 threads every square inch. The end product is strong. Lightweight and durable fabric. It also gets softer the more it is used. 100 percent cotton bed sheets are the best. If they are undyed, natural and Oeko Tex certified, the better.

3. Bed Sheets Do Affect Relationships

The state of bed sheet may be a deciding factor if a relationship ever happens. Single men admit that a prospective partner has been put off by their dirty bed sheet. Single men are guilty of this bad bed sheet habit. Single men change their bed sheets average 1-3 time in a month. Women, on the other hand, changed their bed sheets on average once in a week. Being in a relationship, however, does influence the number of times bed sheets are changed. Couples change their bed sheets more regularly- 2-3 times a week.

4. Bed Sheets Can Be Breeding Grounds for One of The Most Common Parasite

Dirty bed sheets can be a breeding ground for dust mites. Dust mites are tiny parasites that cannot be seen by the naked eye. They prefer to breed in dark environment and beds are known to be good habitats for them. Dirty bed sheet gives them room to thrive. The best features that allow them to thrive in bed sheets is the night warm moisture from the body and the shed skin cells from your body. Most people are allergic to dust mites with symptoms such as; itchiness, sneezing, skin inflammation and eye sensitivity. The allergic reaction can be due to dust mite feces or the dust mites themselves. In ten weeks, a female dust mite will produce 2000 feces deposits and 60 to 100 eggs. The thought of this will make you want to clean those dirty bed sheets.

5. Don’t Let Catchy Bed Sheets Titles Deceive You

Do not be deceived by the catchy titles of ‘wrinkle free cotton’, ‘permanent press’ and ‘easy care’ on bed sheets. This means that the fabric has been through a chemical process so that it does not wrinkle. Even if they are labeled organically grown, the fabric raw materials might have been organically grown but the processing might have been done through a chemical process. To keep your bed sheets wrinkle free, take them out of the dryer while still warm and slightly damp and do not fold them. Put them directly in bed. The effect is the same as that of ironing. If you want a fabric that was not chemically processed look for the Oeko Tex certification.

6. Bed Sheets Escape

In 2012 two bank robbers prisoners in Chicago prison planned an escape and used bed sheets that were tied together. They successfully escaped, the bed sheets were tied to their cell bars and they were able to scale down 15 floors from the high rise prison. The length of the bed sheet rope was 200 ft. and was knotted after every 6ft.

7. Most Expensive Bed Sheet

The most expensive bed sheet is made by Charlotte Thomas a British company. It is made from Egyptian cotton with a thousand thread count. The bed sheet also has 22-carat gold interwoven into the threads. The weavers take 12 weeks to make a one-bed sheet of this kind.

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